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Happy Binary Day!


Happy Binary Day everyone! Yesterday and today are a couple of the binary dates this year.
What’s a binary date? Well, it’s when a date has only 0s and 1s in it. The last time this happened was in 2000 and 2001. There will be several more dates this year and in 2011, but those will be the last of the binary dates this century. Of course, this only works in the short form of the dates, when only two digits are used for the year. (List of dates after the jump.)

Tokyo Second Trip – Day 3


Well, here’s the overdue next installment of my second Tokyo trip entries. おまたせ! Sorry to make you wait. ^^; On the 29th of December, we headed out to do some shopping and sightseeing. Hitting Akihabara early on in the day, we were able to visit some shops that had been closed the last time we went there. The header picture is of the UDX building near one of the exits of the JR Akihabara station. Of course, we didn’t just hit Akihabara, but did quite a bit of other sightseeing as well. More pics after the jump.

Tokyo Second Trip – Day 2


On Monday, the 28th, we decided to figure out exactly where Tokyo Big Sight, the venue for Comiket, was and how to get there via the subways. On this day and the next, we purchased 1,000 yen all-day passes, which allowed us to ride the subways as much as we wanted, and made our exploring go much smoother. Tokyo Big Sight is what is pictured in the header image. The crowd in the distance appeared to be there for some kind of anime/manga-related event. We couldn’t really tell for sure though, as neither of us was good enough at Japanese to pick out what the guy who was up front speaking was saying.

Tokyo Second Trip – Day 1


So I took a second trip to Tokyo recently (the first being some months back for TGS), and was there for more than just one day, this time. ;) For the sake of readability and sanity (both mine and yours), it will be split up into multiple posts.

We left on Saturday night (Dec. 26th) after checking into Seminar House 2. (Yes, Seminar House 3 was closed for the break, so they made us move.) I went with my friend Taylor, who I mentioned in my previous post about Yodobashi Camera. The header pic for this post is a lovely bit of Engrish we found along the way during our night bus trip to Tokyo. Since my camera’s time and date were incorrect at that point, I had to guess and put it on the 27th. Please make sure to throw your trush into the proper bin, okay? XD

Yodobashi Camera


So I took a trip to Yodobashi Camera in Umeda yesterday with my friend Taylor, and we ran into a couple of his other friends, Brett and Kaori, at the Yodoyabashi station. We decided to all go together, and ended up walking to Umeda from Yodoyabashi. The above picture was taken in the video games department at Yodobashi Camera in Umeda.

Yodobashi Camera is basically a huge, multi-story department store, and they have an incredible selection of stuff ranging from computers and home electronics; to games, toys, and figures; and even some clothes. You could probably get lost for hours in that store just looking at everything on just one floor… it’d probably take days to thoroughly explore the entirety of the store. n.n;

Afterwards, we stopped at a couple more shops, then ate at a very nice, and also fairly inexpensive, Italian restaurant in Namba. More pictures after the jump.

Finals coming up


Well, I know the number of posts has been a bit sparse, but I did want to mention that I am still alive and well here in Japan. ;) Finals are coming up this week and next, and I’ve been very busy with end of the semester stuff lately. Did my final presentation for my Entrepreneurship class on Tuesday, so thankful to have that over with. ^^;

I went on a trip to Mt. Hiei a couple of weeks ago with my Introduction to Japanese History class. That was fun, and hopefully I’ll get the pictures up for that soon. Though I didn’t take as many as I wanted to, thanks to running out of batteries. They had been charged up, but it had probably been to long since I last charged them, so they didn’t last very long. I really need to get a new camera too, sometime, one with a lens cover of some kind. I keep getting blurry pictures for two reasons. 1) I really just need a better camera. 2) The lens keeps getting smudged. >.>;

For those of you reading this that haven’t checked it out yet, I have a gallery of the pictures I’ve taken during my trip here. Please do take a look if you’re interested. n.n Unfortunately, though the early pictures are all labeled and have descriptions, most of the later ones do not. Hopefully I’ll be able to correct that somewhat later on.

McChicken in Japan


So, McDonald’s here in the Osaka area recently launched the McChicken on their 100 Yen menu. As I mentioned previously, the sandwiches at McDonald’s actually look decent and not like something hastily squashed together. The McChicken also seems to be extremely popular from what I’ve seen at the McDonald’s here on campus.

The on-campus McDonalds has this interesting system where they will pre-make some food during busy times and have it available for you to just grab on your way to the register. Of course, if what you want isn’t there, you can still order at the register. I’ve seen quite alot of people grabbing the McChickens from that area, as well as ordering them at the register.

Of course, I love McChickens myself, and have ordered quite a few since they were launched. I took some pictures of one of my McChickens on November 17th, which are after the jump.

Lost Generation


Wow, what a poignant video! Truly a great work of art, and I felt I just had to share it. Found this by way of my friend Matt through Google Reader.

The video has been reposted quite a few times on Youtube under the title “Romancing Your Soul”, but I believe I’ve found the original post, which calls it “Lost Generation,” and that is the one I have embedded here. It was an entry for AARP’s U@50 video contest, and placed second in that contest.

Windows 7 and Burger King


The Burger KingAccording to CNN Burger King is running a Windows 7 promotion in Japan where you can get a 7-patty burger for 777 yen (but only the first 30 to order it each day get that price. Everyone else has to pay double that. Anyone who has seen me eat knows how much this interests me. ;)

… I seriously wish I knew where a Burger King was around here. Unfortunately, Burger King’s website does not have a site for Japan, apparently.

Screenshot of BK website list of international sites (Click for full size)

Screenshot of BK website list of international sites (Click for full size)

[pic of The Burger King from The Cheezburger Network]

Melon flavor


It just so happens that one of the things I was looking forward to being able to readily find here in Japan was melon flavored soda. I fell in love with the stuff several years ago when the local Suncoast received 10 cans of Sangaria melon soda. I bought 8 of them, and the never got any more. However, just like some other preconceptions about Japan, the availability of melon soda was not what I expected. At least not in Hirakata.