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Finals coming up

Well, I know the number of posts has been a bit sparse, but I did want to mention that I am still alive and well here in Japan. ;) Finals are coming up this week and next, and I’ve been very busy with end of the semester stuff lately. Did my final presentation for my Entrepreneurship class on Tuesday, so thankful to have that over with. ^^;

I went on a trip to Mt. Hiei a couple of weeks ago with my Introduction to Japanese History class. That was fun, and hopefully I’ll get the pictures up for that soon. Though I didn’t take as many as I wanted to, thanks to running out of batteries. They had been charged up, but it had probably been to long since I last charged them, so they didn’t last very long. I really need to get a new camera too, sometime, one with a lens cover of some kind. I keep getting blurry pictures for two reasons. 1) I really just need a better camera. 2) The lens keeps getting smudged. >.>;

For those of you reading this that haven’t checked it out yet, I have a gallery of the pictures I’ve taken during my trip here. Please do take a look if you’re interested. n.n Unfortunately, though the early pictures are all labeled and have descriptions, most of the later ones do not. Hopefully I’ll be able to correct that somewhat later on.

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