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McChicken in Japan

So, McDonald’s here in the Osaka area recently launched the McChicken on their 100 Yen menu. As I mentioned previously, the sandwiches at McDonald’s actually look decent and not like something hastily squashed together. The McChicken also seems to be extremely popular from what I’ve seen at the McDonald’s here on campus.

The on-campus McDonalds has this interesting system where they will pre-make some food during busy times and have it available for you to just grab on your way to the register. Of course, if what you want isn’t there, you can still order at the register. I’ve seen quite alot of people grabbing the McChickens from that area, as well as ordering them at the register.

Of course, I love McChickens myself, and have ordered quite a few since they were launched. I took some pictures of one of my McChickens on November 17th, which are after the jump.

Please note that the date and time on the EXIF data are wrong, my camera keeps losing time for some reason. -.- I really need a new one, but cannot afford such an expense at this time.

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