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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Lost Generation


Wow, what a poignant video! Truly a great work of art, and I felt I just had to share it. Found this by way of my friend Matt through Google Reader. The video has been reposted quite a few times on Youtube under the title “Romancing Your Soul”, but I believe I’ve found the original […]

Windows 7 and Burger King


According to CNN Burger King is running a Windows 7 promotion in Japan where you can get a 7-patty burger for 777 yen (but only the first 30 to order it each day get that price. Everyone else has to pay double that. Anyone who has seen me eat knows how much this interests me. […]

Melon flavor


It just so happens that one of the things I was looking forward to being able to readily find here in Japan was melon flavored soda. I fell in love with the stuff several years ago when the local Suncoast received 10 cans of Sangaria melon soda. I bought 8 of them, and the never […]



So, I was linked to this captioned image by a friend and just had to share it. It sums up quite nicely what I often struggle with the most while studying, falling asleep! XD (Click on the image for the full-size version.) STUDYING [I Can Has Cheezburger?]



No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, nor has my interest in blogging here waned. I’ve just been busy doing alot of studying. ;) It’s time for midterms in the Asian Studies Program here at Kansai Gaidai, so even though I do have a few things I’d like to throw up for […]

Chocolate bar Engrish


So, I saw this chocolate bar down at the 99 store (everything there is 99 yen before tax), and just had to pick it up because of the wonderful Engrish on it. ;) The wrapper says: There is no accounting for taste, so choose your own. Experiencing deliciousness made me a slave to taste. Whoever […]

McDonalds in Japan


I’ve only been to the on-campus McDonald’s so far, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the food I’ve had there so far has actually looked something like the pictures on the menu, not something hastily slapped together and squished.