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Lost Generation

Wow, what a poignant video! Truly a great work of art, and I felt I just had to share it. Found this by way of my friend Matt through Google Reader.

The video has been reposted quite a few times on Youtube under the title “Romancing Your Soul”, but I believe I’ve found the original post, which calls it “Lost Generation,” and that is the one I have embedded here. It was an entry for AARP’s U@50 video contest, and placed second in that contest.

I really like how by playing the words forward and then backward, they managed to make a message that is completely opposite each way, but sounds perfectly natural in English. Bravo!

Apparently, it was based on an Argentinian politcal add called “Truth,” which I have embedded here. As you can see, “Truth” uses that same effect of playing a depressing message forward, and then reversing it to give a message of hope with the same phrases, just reversed in order.

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