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McDonalds in Japan

I’ve only been to the on-campus McDonald’s so far, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the food I’ve had there so far has actually looked something like the pictures on the menu, not something hastily slapped together and squished.

I only have pictures of a hamburger here, and the difference isn’t as apparent. But I’ve had Big Macs as well, and there’s definitely a visual difference there. However, is it just me, or are the patties thinner on the hamburgers here than back home?

Anyway, another thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t give you free refills on soft drinks, which is odd coming from America, where every fast-food restaurant, and even most sit-down restaurants, give you unlimited free refills on soda. The only place I’ve found with unlimited free refills is the snack bar at Costco. Which, incidentally, is also the only place I’ve found so far where you can get nice big slices of real American-style pizza for a reasonable price. ^^

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