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McDonald’s Japan Texas Burger


So, this year McDonald’s in Japan started a new campaign, called “Big America,” with a series of burgers themed after U.S. States. The first one, and the only one I’ve actually tried so far, to be honest, was the Texas burger. How is it? Well, I wouldn’t eat it again, but that’s just because I […]

McChicken in Japan


So, McDonald’s here in the Osaka area recently launched the McChicken on their 100 Yen menu. As I mentioned previously, the sandwiches at McDonald’s actually look decent and not like something hastily squashed together. The McChicken also seems to be extremely popular from what I’ve seen at the McDonald’s here on campus. The on-campus McDonalds […]

McDonalds in Japan


I’ve only been to the on-campus McDonald’s so far, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the food I’ve had there so far has actually looked something like the pictures on the menu, not something hastily slapped together and squished.