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McDonald’s Japan Texas Burger

So, this year McDonald’s in Japan started a new campaign, called “Big America,” with a series of burgers themed after U.S. States. The first one, and the only one I’ve actually tried so far, to be honest, was the Texas burger. How is it? Well, I wouldn’t eat it again, but that’s just because I hate mustard.

The burger itself is a bacon burger, and I can tell that it would be really tasty under all that mustard, but I just can’t stand the stuff. ;)

Sorry for the brevity of the post, but my memory of the burger has faded a bit over time, so what I have left are the strongest impressions of it. n.n; You can see more pictures at the gallery for January 29th.

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  1. mom

    yes you are not a mustard eater. i am so glad that you are enjoying all the sites.

    Posted on 29-Mar-10 at 3:04 am | Permalink

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