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Yodobashi Camera

So I took a trip to Yodobashi Camera in Umeda yesterday with my friend Taylor, and we ran into a couple of his other friends, Brett and Kaori, at the Yodoyabashi station. We decided to all go together, and ended up walking to Umeda from Yodoyabashi. The above picture was taken in the video games department at Yodobashi Camera in Umeda.

Yodobashi Camera is basically a huge, multi-story department store, and they have an incredible selection of stuff ranging from computers and home electronics; to games, toys, and figures; and even some clothes. You could probably get lost for hours in that store just looking at everything on just one floor… it’d probably take days to thoroughly explore the entirety of the store. n.n;

Afterwards, we stopped at a couple more shops, then ate at a very nice, and also fairly inexpensive, Italian restaurant in Namba. More pictures after the jump.

On our way to a shop in Namba, I took this photo of these giant neon signs. I especially though the giant Glico man sign was interesting. n.n

I tried some more Taiyaki, this time with anko inside of it. I think it’s an acquired taste. ^^;

This is the cover of Saizeria’s menu. Saizeria is this wonderful Italian restaurant in Namba with what I would consider very reasonable prices.

For example, this plate of spaghetti w/ meat sauce was 399 yen.

They also had a “drink bar” with unlimited refills for 180 yen. They had melon soda, so of course, I got my money’s worth of that. ;)

Overall, this compares favorably with what I recall of restaurant prices back home. Of course, I never really have been in the habit of eating at restaurants on a regular basis, but it seems about equal pricing.

You can see more pictures at my gallery for that day, some of which will probably be used in future posts.


  1. Dad

    Well that looks like you, son. I can’t believe you found a life-sized Mario in the store to pose with.

    Posted on 03-Jan-10 at 7:36 am | Permalink
  2. Dad

    You’re making me hungry. We are going out for my birthday. We will be taking Gabe and Sebastian (your mother forgot and took on babysitting for tonight.

    Posted on 03-Jan-10 at 7:38 am | Permalink
  3. Dad

    I am waiting for the Tokyo pics and entries, son.

    Posted on 03-Jan-10 at 2:45 pm | Permalink
  4. Hey I like this. Hey if you still remember our great friendship I would like to ask you some things about Japan.

    Posted on 16-Jun-10 at 6:29 am | Permalink
  5. Stephen

    I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I need to write some more entries. Got alot of pics I haven’t uploaded an commented on. Just been busy. n.n;

    Posted on 16-Jun-10 at 9:26 am | Permalink

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