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Yoshinoya Beef Bowl

I had gyudon (牛丼, also known as a “beef bowl”) yesterday at Yoshinoya. It was heavenly! For those who don’t know, it’s a bowl of rice served with strips of beef on top of it. Right now Yoshinoya (or at least the branch I went to) is having a “80 yen off” sale. So I got a large for 400 yen. They have three sizes, normal, large, and extra large. I think I’ll try the extra large the next time I go. :D The 80 yen-off sale is ’till the 21st. More photos in the January 18th gallery.


  1. Matt

    I’m just reading through your blog since I missed it until now. I remember when I lived in Japan that Matsuya and Yoshinoya were great places to stop. The food was surprisingly good, cheap, and I loved the vending machine ordering system that they used. Did you get a ticket from a vending machine to order your food? I thought that was so efficient and I’ve often wished that McDonald’s would implement the same system here.

    Posted on 12-Feb-10 at 10:34 am | Permalink
  2. Stephen

    No, there’s no ticket vending machine at Yoshinoya. At least not at the one I go to. There was one at a ramen place I ate at in Tokyo during my trip over the break between semesters, however. ^_^ I wish we could have that system back home in some places as well. It’s very convenient. n.n

    Posted on 09-Mar-10 at 2:47 am | Permalink

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